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Additional Services

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Why Choose Us as Your Data Annotation Services Provider?

Certified Security

To avoid empty promises, we’ve passed both ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified and PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider compliance audits. Our company is also GDPR and CCPA compliant. So you don’t have to just take our word for it. You now have a solid data annotation service provider who takes care of your sensitive data.

ISO certificate
Psi Provider
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Multi-tier semi-automated quality assurance processes to reach a 98% accuracy level



Flexible teams and adaptive workflow for changing ML lifecycles



See-through data annotation process with the real-time tracking ability

We Scale Teams for:

Miami University
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Miami University
ABB – ASEA Brown Boveri
Miami University
ABB – ASEA Brown Boveri







Full-time team

As a client, you look for quality, speed, and transparency. With the Label Your Data team, you get all three and even more. What our data annotation company values the most is keeping your sensitive data secure and delivering customized solutions to each of our clients. Hence, the right combination of human-powered skills and technology makes us the partner you can trust with your data.

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What Our Clients Say?

Luca van Skyhaw

Luca van Skyhawk

VP of Customer Success, Hypatos GmbH

Label Your Data showed high quality and flexibility and convinced us from day one with their high passion for delivering a great service. We currently evaluate further possibilities to further involve them in our initiatives and projects.
Roman Lutsyshyn

Roman Lutsyshyn

CEO, NLP Development Company

Label Your Data makes significant progress toward the goal of enhancing the client’s algorithm performance. The team works quickly to deliver annotations and annotators with extensive experience in the field. Their project management is straightforward, making for a smooth engagement.
Asad Lesani

Tom Kelly

Independent Consultant, KAUST

Working with Label Your Data turned out to be the right decision. The team took full responsibility for their work and delivered results beyond our expectations. I appreciate their expertise in working with our data annotation solution.
Kate Robinson

Jack Hopkins

CTO, Paperplane

Label Your Data can turn around any task of any volume within the space of five working days. They once delivered 3,000 annotations in five days, which was quite impressive. In terms of data quality, about 90%-95% of the annotations have been precisely what I wanted.
Vasyl Sluzhala

Asad Lesani

CEO, Blue City Technology

Label Your Data team found a tool that suits our needs for the LiDAR annotation, and even provided us with a free pilot. You can tell by their approach that they’ve got a clear understanding of our needs and goals.

What Data Annotation Services We Offer?

Label Your Data is a data annotation services provider with over 10 years of experience in this narrow AI niche. Our team works with all types of data (images, videos, documents, sensor fusion data, text, and audio) and modes of annotation for the highest scalability and adaptability of your AI-based training models. We offer flexible data annotation and labeling services to meet the unique requirements of your machine learning project.

Industries We Work With

Data annotation specialists at Label Your Data have vast experience under their belt. We are proud to be part of state-of-the-art innovations across multiple industries, including agriculture, retail, insurance, fintech, e-commerce, robotics, and healthcare. By providing custom data annotation services for these sectors, we help our clients unleash the power of data in AI.

We have our in-house labeling tools, but, if you choose so, we can work with your tools as well. Either way, OUR mission is to deliver a quality data annotation product so that YOU can create a high-performing ML algorithm.

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What is the data labeling solution and services market growth?

From 2021 to 2028, the market for data labeling solutions and services is anticipated to expand at a compound yearly growth rate of 23.5%, reaching USD 38.11 billion.

What are the steps of a data annotation project?

First, you define the goal. Then you collect the data in accordance with your task. Afterward, your dataset is labeled by data annotation specialists. Finally, you use the annotated dataset to train your machine learning model.

What is the role of a data annotator in a machine learning project?

Data annotation is a tedious task best done by humans. A data annotation specialist uses labeling tools to create labels. This process requires accuracy and knowledge, especially with highly specialized data.

What do data annotation companies do?

A data annotation company specializes in converting your unlabeled data into labeled datasets with tags that correspond to your specific tasks. Such remote data labeling services are used when you don't have an in-house annotation team.

What if you didn't find the required data annotation service for your machine learning project?

There are numerous data annotation services, and it's okay if you didn't find what you need on the list. At Label Your Data, we offer custom data annotation with regard to your unique vision and task.