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  • Karyna Naminas


    After working in outsourcing business for several years Karyna decided to lead a new venture aiming for the most vibrant startup segment — AI.

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    Daria Leshchenko

    Partner / Advisor

    10 years of experience in business leadership and sales makes Daria a perfect mentor for Label Your Data. Apart from that, Daria is the first Ukrainian woman to become a member of Forbes Tech Council

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    Anna Krainiuk

    Head of Sales

    After spending few years in Customer Care Ops, followed by skyrocketing growth in Customer Success, Anna’s experience fuels sales at Label Your Data.

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    Petro Bondarevskyi

    Co-Founder / Advisor / Investor

    Petro is a seasoned investor with 12 years of experience in Tech industry, has solid background in marketing, combined with startup leadership and management skills.

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    .. and hundreds of awesome talents

    We have over 10 years of experience building remote dedicated and shared teams for global tech brands and unicorn startups.

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