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  1. Support the Ukrainian Army
  2. Support the Ukrainian People
  1. Support the Ukrainian Army
  2. Support the Ukrainian People

It wasn’t our choice, but it will be our victory.

We lived a normal life until February 24, 2022, the day Russia attacked Ukraine. It was five in the morning when many cities in Ukraine woke up from the sound of bombs and missiles. Such unjust and unthinkable terror against the Ukrainian people is happening now in the modern conscious world.

They call it a “special military operation”, the world calls it WAR. The Ukrainian people have never been as strong as they are today in the face of their sworn enemy, Russia. Ukraine is and always has been a sovereign country built by courageous people defending their land, their culture, their rights and their freedom. Their heartfelt desire to live, to build the largest country in Europe, and to maintain peaceful alliances with their neighbors. One of them, however, failed to grasp the consequences of the past and started a full-scale invasion of our country.

As our soldiers and civilians are standing up for their freedom, we ask for international support. Because everyone can become part of this. If you are willing to support Ukraine in these desperate times, here’s what you can do:

Support the Ukrainian Army

Support the Ukrainian People

  • Humanitarian Nova Poshta — The project launched by Nova Poshta Global to deliver humanitarian support for our territorial defense and charitable foundations from abroad. The list of basic needs for humanitarian, medical, and military aid to Ukraine can be found here.
  • The NBU’s account for humanitarian purposes — Donate and provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainians affected by Russian aggression.
  • Help Ukraine Now (by Global Shapers Community) — The most comprehensive list of real ways you can help Ukraine as a foreigner.
  • Ukraine Needs Help (by Ukrainian-Canadian volunteers) — The list of charities and verified information channels about the war in Ukraine.

It’s our prime responsibility to pool our efforts together and provide both our people and those willing to help us from abroad with useful and credible sources that can save our lives. This way, we can counter Russian disinformation and propaganda and help Ukraine in its fight for freedom. Your tremendous support helps us reaffirm the unity and power of Ukrainians.

This war concerns everyone. This victory determines the future of each of us. Thank you.

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