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AI Content Moderation for Online Responsibility

7 min read

Learn more about AI content moderation

Rotoscoping Animation with ML: From Sketch to Screen

6 min read

Rotoscoping animation in the age of ML

Computer Vision in Agriculture: The Era of Smart Farming

6 min read

More about CV for agriculture

ChatGPT: Building AI Chatbots through Data Annotation

6 min read

Data labeling for ChatGPT

OCR Data Extraction: Definition, Features, and Methods

7 min read

Learn about data extraction using OCR

Label Your Data’s MilTech Projects: Ukrainian AI Community Joins Forces to Support the Army

5 min read

Learn about data labeling during the war

The 2022 Year’s Round-Up from the Label Your Data Team

7 min read

Farewell to 2022!

Computer Vision: The Mechanism Behind AI’s Power of Sight

9 min read

More about AI vision

Automated Data Annotation: Should We Trust AI with Data?

8 min read

More about AI-assisted labeling

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