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A pioneer of the Label Your Data blog, Veronika has helped many of us understand the ins and outs of today's cutting-edge technology and opportunities provided by artificial intelligence. She speaks on the most critical issues of data labeling, machine learning, big data, and more. You should definitely read her other articles to plunge into the world of AI and data annotation!

Facial Recognition Algorithms for Machine Learning: Application and Safety

5 min read

More about face recognition

In-house vs. Outsourced Data Labeling: Pros, Cons and Best Options

4 min read

Outsource Data Annotation

Industrial Machinery and AI: Data Labeling in Manufacturing

4 min read

AI for Manufacturing

The History of Machine Learning: How Did It All Start?

8 min read

Discover History of ML & DL

When Definition and Context Matter the Most: Addressing Specific Data Labeling Requests

4 min read

Read full story

Data Anonymization Tools for Machine Learning and AI

3 min read

How To Anonymize Data

Engineering Through Crisis: AI and Robotics During Pandemic

4 min read

Continue Reading

Big Data — the Driving Force of Autonomous Vehicles and How We Can Help You Down the Road

3 min read

Learn More About Big Data

Dealing With Data Security Risks: 5 Tips for First Time Data Labeling Outsourcers

3 min read

Check Security Risks

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