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Maria Shepeta

Maria is one of the passionate tech writers on Label Your Data's content team. She enjoys combining the art of words with technological innovations. Interested in hot topics such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data annotation, she contributes to our knowledge base. Read some of her articles to discover evolving tech topics!

iMerit vs. Humans in the Loop: Comparing Data Labeling Providers

10 min read

iMerit vs. Humans in the Loop

Scale AI Review: Quality, Pricing, and More

8 min read

Discover Scale AI

Humans in the Loop Company Review: Services, Tools & Pricing

7 min read

Discover Humans in the Loop

iMerit Company Review: Expertise, Cost, and Alternatives

7 min read

Discover iMerit

A Guide to Data Labeling Standards for High-Quality ML Datasets

7 min read

More on quality annotation

AI in Drug Discovery: The Future of the Pharmaceutical Industry

7 min read

Explore AI in drug discovery

Large Language Models: The Great Performers of AI

7 min read

Know more

Satellite vs. Drone Imagery in Geospatial Exploration

7 min read

Read more

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