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Iryna is one of the dedicated members of the Label Your Data content team who has put all her efforts in developing our knowledge base. Iryna is a seasoned technical writer with wide-ranging experience in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. She has been studying the basics of data annotation for many years and is now sharing her expertise on our blog. The technical realm is a true passion of hers, so make sure to check out other articles written by our talented Iryna!

What Is a Dataset in Machine Learning: The Complete Guide

8 min read

More about datasets

Unlabeled Data in Machine Learning: Overview with Examples

9 min read

What is unlabeled data?

Automated Data Collection: The Case in Favor of Digitization

7 min read

Automate data collection

OCR Algorithms: Digitization of the Business Processes

7 min read

Automate with OCR

AI Image Recognition: The Essential Technology of Computer Vision

7 min read

How image recognition works?

Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS): Definition and Examples

7 min read

More about MLaaS

What Is Data Labeling in Machine Learning?

9 min read

More about data labeling

Human-in-the-Loop in Machine Learning: Why Does It Matter?

8 min read

What is human-in-the-loop?

AI as a Service: Benefits, Types, and the Best Options

6 min read

What is AIaaS?

OCR with Deep Learning: How Do You Do It?

10 min read

How to do OCR?

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