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Iryna is one of the dedicated members of the Label Your Data content team who has put all her efforts in developing our knowledge base. Iryna is a seasoned technical writer with wide-ranging experience in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. She has been studying the basics of data annotation for many years and is now sharing her expertise on our blog. The technical realm is a true passion of hers, so make sure to check out other articles written by our talented Iryna!

How to Choose a Machine Learning Algorithm: A Simple Step-By-Step Guide

7 min read

How to choose ML

Software Review: What Is CVAT Annotation Tool?

7 min read

What is CVAT

AI and Big Data: A Co-Dependent Relationship

8 min read

More about AI and Big Data

Machine Learning & Training Data: Sources, Methods, Things to Keep in Mind

12 min read

What is training data?

Data Labelers: Experts of the Hidden Side of AI Development

8 min read

Who are Data Labelers?

Big Data and Its Business Impacts

9 min read

What is Big Data?

AI Project Stages: From Planning to Maintenance

9 min read

Show AI Project Stages

The Crisis of AI: The Big Data Labeling Challenge

6 min read

What is AI Crisis?

Introduction to Labeled Data: What, Why, and How

9 min read

What is data annotation

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